25 May 2006

To Cut or Not to Cut?

I like reading Kenny Sia, but I rarely comment because he already has 5000 readers a day to write a response. But I couldn't help myself when I read his latest entry, Zhng My Penis. I had quite a reaction to his desire to get circumcised and gave a comment. I posted it below, but you should go read the full post before reading my reply.

I don't think you should go for the circumcision. To put it bluntly, you're just thinking of doing it coz you are:

a) Lazy to peel back the foreskin every time you pee
b) Lazy to wash under the foresking during showers
c) Lazy to practice and improve your sexual techniques so you can last longer

I'm not flaming you, but I think you need some Tough Love. If you go to a real medical specialist, they will advise you to go for it ONLY if you have a medical condition that is caused by your foreskin. You have none of those.

Yes, I understand how it feels like when you're peeing. One minute it goes here, then it goes there, and finally everywhere! BUT, are you so lazy that you can't spend 20 seconds focusing on retracting your foreskin? I'm sure your attention span is not that bad.

Like you, I make sure I clean my foreskin during showers. There's no need to sterilize it - just rinsing is usually good enough. It takes about 5 seconds to do. Again, not too hard.

And when it comes to the delicate issue of sex, there has been no study showing that a majority of women prefer circumcised penis over uncircumcised ones (at least in Malaysia). A person with circumcised penis can still have Premature Ejaculation, and a person with his foreskin intact can still know how to make his woman very happy (twice or more).

In conclusion, there's really no fantastic reason to get circumcised. But as your loyal reader, I support your decision and hope you blog about the outcome :)

As I already made clear, I do not support it. Needless to say I'm not circumcised. It's just irrational for someone to remove a part of their body when it isn't causing them serious problems. For example, our appendix. We all know it serves no function but do we purposely go and remove it if it's not hurting us?

I think that is a sign of the times. People want a quick fix to all their problems, instead of being content. Small boobs? Boob enlargement. Dick looks small? Lengthening surgery. Sad to say I am guilty of this crime too. There was once I almost had surgery to remove my tonsils. But more about that in another post.


William said...

Not all of our quick fixes work too well. There are always botched jobs. So difficult to be content with what we have. It all depends on how much it bothers us. As for tonsillectomy, I hear that it grows back.

joshua said...

aiya his little brother his business lah...

but i was taken aback when he asked for the public's opinion tho!

figure he's getting personal with stuffs

Anonymous said...

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