15 May 2006

I Joined The Gym

I did it. Finally. It was inevitable, really. Guys and girls, I joined the college gym two weeks ago.

Sure, it is cramped. And there are no Les Mills classes for me to join. And they only have one step machine, two treadmills, three stationary bicycles, and four resistance machines. For those who haven't visited Fitness First, those are VERY few machines.

But they come at the cheap, cheap price of RM139.80 for FOUR months. Actually, I'm not sure that's very cheap. Maybe it's because by comparison, Fitness First costs about RM999 for four months. Joshua (and his other gym bunnies) will curse me for even attempting to compare Fitness First to the college gym. But I say- let chickens be chickens and pterodactyls be pterodactyls.

Actually I didn't understand that last sentence either.


William said...

"But I say- let chickens be chickens and pterodactyls be pterodactyls."

Maybe it means something like this cantonese saying:

"Nei hang nei ge yong kwan lou. Ngo hang ngo ge tuk muk khiew"

ZemieN said...

erm... nope. don't do cantonese.

ZemieN said...

Actually, ignore my last comment. That second sentence makes me sound like a Cantonese-basher who won't have sex with anyone whose ancestors come from Canton.

And we wouldn't want to limit our options now, do we?

William said...

Literally it translates to "you walk your road of glory, and I will walk my bridge of loneliness". I think...

Embracing racial / cultural diversity for the reason of sexual partner diversity -- this facet has been overlooked. Patutlah all the Kempen Perpaduan have failed so miserably. I'm guessing Hokkien is more your cup of tea?

joshua said...

Don't even get me started on this... but seriously. RM999? I think I am paying about half of that amount.

Seriously, you need to hang around gorgeous people like mua. And sometimes, flirting with the 'Membership Consultant' can be a good deed to your pocket. I am sure mine does not have such a big hole there.

What is the college gym doing with your 80sen? Produce a membership card made out of manila-card? A crumpled one, for that matter.

What are you doing comparing present day avians to prehistoric flying reptiles?

ZemieN said...

William: I don't really consider Hokkien to be my cup of tea. But at the end of the day, there are only so many grunts to express orgasm.

Everyone else: See? I already said Joshua would jump on me regarding my comment.

Joshua: Well, that was the quoted price given to me based on their normal one year contract. You have your student price + flirting discounts.

And they give RFID tagged plastic cards, not manila ones. Give them a little credit! I'm not even gonna entertain your last question! Hmmph!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!