23 June 2010

Sweetest Rambling I Ever Heard

There were days where the sun ceased to shine and all that's left are rain drops like tears,

when I look at the grey sky there's nothing but emptiness and fear,

wondering each day as much as I could pray, does God or anyone hear,

when I look back and realized I'm losing everything and everyone dear,

it is until that sweet day when you came into my life and held me near,

knowing you are quick and swift like a spear,

there would not be another day left where I have to fear,

it's because of you I see the reason to live as you cheer,

tell me that I'm the only one that will be for you from time to time and from year to year,

for its three words I want you to know that's I Love You dear.

22 June 2010

Replacing BodyJam Classes

I'll be replacing BodyJam classes at Fitness First Island Plaza on 26 June (3.20pm) and 27 June (11.05am).

Update (10 Aug): I'll be replacing at FFIP 13 Aug (9.30pm), and 15 Aug (11.05am). Also FS 14 Aug (11.30am) where I'll be team teaching with Pauline.

Update: I replaced FFIP Jam class on 29 Aug, so that makes it 3 classes for August 2010. I know - it's pathetic I'm using Blogger to keep track of this.

Update: Replacing Alan's Sunday class again for 5th and 12th Sept at FF

I'm writing this down more for my own future reminder because Fitness First Malaysia has a pretty backwards system for paying their instructors. They're my employer so I'll refrain from commenting publicly, but if they would just spend a few cents printing payslips, it'll save so much trouble for everyone.

As a side gripe: In Penang, there are too many instructors with too few timetable slots. But on the bright side, we have slightly less drama and politics and backstabbing compared to Kay Elle.