27 September 2010


The attrition rate at my company has been horrendous since mid-2010. Good people are trickling out on a regular basis. It was actually a deluge, but thanks to a $$$ intervention, management slowed it down to a trickle.

But an outflow’s an outflow, and other companies are paying better. Plus, humans can’t be stuck doing the same thing their whole lives so it definitely presents an interesting change to their lives.

The worst part of this whole deal is that company management has been unwilling to get into a salary war. Experienced engineers are replaced with interns. Or contract workers with no loyalty to the company. Or no one at all (which adds to the burden of those who are left behind).

It ain’t a pretty sight, and it won’t get better anytime soon.

19 September 2010

New bloggie coming soon...

This dead fish posing as a blog is so decomposed, even rats are avoiding it.

But, an exciting new blog will pop out soon within the next few months!

Stay tuned!