22 June 2010

Replacing BodyJam Classes

I'll be replacing BodyJam classes at Fitness First Island Plaza on 26 June (3.20pm) and 27 June (11.05am).

Update (10 Aug): I'll be replacing at FFIP 13 Aug (9.30pm), and 15 Aug (11.05am). Also FS 14 Aug (11.30am) where I'll be team teaching with Pauline.

Update: I replaced FFIP Jam class on 29 Aug, so that makes it 3 classes for August 2010. I know - it's pathetic I'm using Blogger to keep track of this.

Update: Replacing Alan's Sunday class again for 5th and 12th Sept at FF

I'm writing this down more for my own future reminder because Fitness First Malaysia has a pretty backwards system for paying their instructors. They're my employer so I'll refrain from commenting publicly, but if they would just spend a few cents printing payslips, it'll save so much trouble for everyone.

As a side gripe: In Penang, there are too many instructors with too few timetable slots. But on the bright side, we have slightly less drama and politics and backstabbing compared to Kay Elle.

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