08 May 2006

Photo Week: Dressing Etiquette

Here's a simple quiz for you guys. When exploring the ruins of Angkor Wat, which of the following attire is the best?



I would personally go with Option #3, but here's someone who actually defied expectations:

When I first saw her, I was shocked. A chick wearing that while walking around ruins? Huh? Her male companion was taking photos of her in various poses, so she might be a model of some kind. But with those thighs, she had better be a model for extra-large clothing.

Here's another one for posterity:


William said...

Aiyah, so blunt about her cellulite-infested thighs. Perhaps there was a ruined temple complex wedding reception going on, and that's one of the drunk bridesmaids.

kelly said...

LOL, now I know what to pack.