18 May 2006

Almost Cured of My Addiction

I did mention my little addiction with Japanese RPGs lately. Well, that love affair has not ended. I have now logged over 40 hours of gameplay, but something happened tonight that threatened to stop me.

I sometimes play when I should be paying attention to the lecturer in lab classes, and as a result I have to synchronize my save files with the one on my laptop when I get back. Earlier tonight, I made a few mistakes and ended up losing the save game. When I couldn't restart my game I almost got a heart attack. I WILL NOT REPLAY 40 HOURS OF MY LIFE. Unlike David, I can only watch movies and play games at most twice - and that's only if it offers something memorable like good graphics, beautiful soundtrack, or gratuitious nudity. The last time I checked, Final Fantasy Tactics had none of those 3.

Thankfully for the Recycle Bin I managed to get back the save file. So I happily played for another 30 minutes before calling it a night. So I decided to synchronize the save files and I fucked it up again. I am absolutely left aghast and appalled at my own incompetence. It's just TWO FILES! And this time the Recycle Bin could not help. But all is not lost - the save file just rolled back to 35 hours.

Losing 5 hours isn't as bad as losing all 40, but it's still a lot of time. And I would have to replay 25 missions to get my characters back to where they are. This is damn annoying, as it means I am still addicted. If you are kind, break into my room tonight and destroy both copies of my save file. That way I can finally focus on my project, which is starting to go haywire.


Innocent^^Guy said...

It's time u reveal yourself hacker!!! Who are u? Zemien nvr once used the word "fuck"...at least I have never heard him say or write it before.

ZemieN said...

Well I did promise that this year my blog would be more outrageous - so it's not really intentional. Just to create the shock factor.

Erm... dun you have some assignment to rush for? I am SO kembang that you choose my blog to relax yourself.

William said...

Saying "fucked up" isn't quite the same as exclaiming "fuck!". I will not go into a grammatical discussion as I know nuts about that.

However, one of the hallmark signs of addiction: a change in character.

joshua said...

hey just need a favour here@!~!

I can't seem to load my blog. Got a bug ah?

Wonder if anyone else has problems getting to my blog?

I resorted here cos you are the techie