17 May 2006

Crispy Laziness

I'm sure you've tried chips dipped in mayonnaise - it's delicious, isn't it? But mayo is quite expensive, and you need to keep it chilled if you do not wish to go to the toilet more times than you think of sex every day.

But fret not! Coz you can still enjoy its wonders with the newly introduced Mister Potato Chips with Mayonnaise and Tomato Flavour! I didn't taste any, but it smells very close to the real thing. Though I don't think I'll get used to powdered mayo.


William said...

The thought of eggs whipped with oil rarely makes me salivate. I wonder if it's really powdered mayo or just some chemical that you makes you think it's mayo.

joshua said...

Will, I believe it's the latter.

And I can control my temper one, see?

William said...

With me perhaps, but zemien? Haha.

"I can't believe it's 99.99% fat-free mayo that isn't really mayo!"