11 May 2006

Photo Week: Pick A Colour For Your Tongue

Sandwiches on sale at a stall in Hatyai, South Thailand:

Just think of how much colouring is being used here. Still, it did its job by attracting attention and making me salivate. But I didn't buy any - I don't need cancer so soon.


William said...

Sawasdee krub, what'll it be sir... Brilliant Blue or Sunset Yellow?

This reminds me of those malay swiss roll. They also come in near-fluoroscent hues.

Anonymous said...

nice. better control over the lighting and perhaps a little better composition and this could be a GREAT shot!

ZemieN said...

yeah, considering Dad was already 500 meters away and didn't even bother to turn around, i couldn't invest more time in it. Plus, it'd be rude if we took photos but din buy from them.

But thanks for your compliment - I rarely get them (a not so subtle hint).

Xavier said...

darn cute sandwiches there!