26 May 2006

Perfect Timing

It's inevitable, but I tend to bump into acquaintences at the swimming pool whom I'd rather not acquaint with. Of course, I mean "bump into" as in 'saw someone we know while we're recovering our breaths" and not literally bump into each other as we were swimming.

It's not that they are bad people. It's just that they are a friend of a friend and we don't really have much to chat about. I can almost hear you say, "Oh... THAT kind of acquaintence." It's a matter of politeness and social convention to say Hi to each other even if I don't really remember their names. While it's kinda boring to go swimming alone, I think it's worse if we have to make meaningless small talk when my body is already oxygen deprived. Seriously, if I had to comment on how hot the weather is for ONE more time, I would force my head into the water and drown there and then. At least that would make for a better conversation topic.

However, I have found an alternative that works almost as well without requiring Dad to pay for my funeral fees. It is commonly agreed that Obligatory Small Talk only has to be carried out at the ends of the pool, while we're recovering. I doubt anyone would be thinking of what to say to that guy whose name probably starts with an 'M' (or is it 'K'?) while they're mid-stroke.

So when I'm resting and I see someone I probably have to talk to (but preferred otherwise, thank you) approaching, I will quickly start out on my lap again regardless of how tired I am. That way, we are synchronized to NEVER meet at the same end, but only when we're crossing paths in the pool. Feel free to try it - it's a strategy that works quite well with one or two people.

No wonder I don't have many friends.


kelly said...

Maybe you can just remove your trunks mid conversation. You wouldn't need to comment on the weather, and he/she will most probably move on without saying much. Then again, of course, they did think you were mad or something, but hey! you did NEVER ever have to talk to them again *grin*

William said...

Just smile. Just nod. Anything. It's better than buat dono.

Anonymous said...

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