16 May 2006

Hidden Costs

In cost estimation theory, we are told to look out for hidden costs that may jeapordize an activity. This begs the question:

If hidden costs are accounted for, are they still hidden?


If hidden costs are supposed to be hidden, how the hell are we to estimate them?

Spare me the lecture on risk mitigation, for I have fallen prey to hidden costs. When I joined the gym recently I did not foresee the increase in dirty laundry. I am currently working out around a 3 day schedule, so that means an extra three t-shirts to wash per week. Yes, I do realize I'm claiming that using a washing machine is hard. No, I don't give a damn to those who have to use their hands.

Other small, but noticeable expenses have cropped up. This includes more food to feed my hungry stomach, protein drink for better muscle growth, and rental fee for heart rate monitor (RM2/30 minutes).

It had better be worth it.


William said...

"One can't put a price tag on health" -- the people from gyms and health food supplements have.

Read the fine print: "Results may vary".

Hahahaha. Good luck.

joshua said...

What on earth are you doing EATING MORE? You'll end up gaining more weight.

And you seriously need the heart rate monitor meh? Not like you know how to calculate also. HAHA well I do. Blergh

WARNING: Supplements like the protein shake may increase your Uric Acid level among other things.

Which is exactly why I freeload off others for my weekly intake of whey.

ZemieN said...

Wow... SOMEONE is a disgruntled reader, I see.

joshua said...

Don't use such besar-besar words on me.

I just don't see the point of EATING MORE if you wanna work out. Shouldn't it be EATING RIGHT?

William said...

Semantics, semantics...

William said...

Temper, temper...