14 May 2006

New Year, New Direction

The past one year has been great but when I look back at many of my posts I find them deathly boring. So this year, I will head in a new direction. If the first year of Zeem! was the Year of Experimentation, then this is the Year of Outrageous Humour and Lame Analogies.

There really are two ways to blog - within the confines of reality (reporting an event) or beyond reality (making fun of an event). So this year, I shift into the second style of writing. I can't guarantee it will work or if I can maintain it for so long, but let's try, shall we? After all, I AM THE SUPREME RULER OF THIS BLOG AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT.

Now, get on the bed and spread eagle - Zemien is coming in.

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