19 May 2006

Deja Vu

It was inevitable that as the blog gets past the 1 year mark, certain occassions are repeated and I am in danger of writing the exact same post. On the other hand, being able to recollect my thoughts on certain events enables me to make better decisions since I have better hindsight. One such event was the Buddhist Society Life Liberation Ceremony. Exactly 359 days ago, I blogged about the smelly experience.

We did the same event this evening. Yesterday, I checked with the person in charge and I was shocked to find out she did not know the potential problems associated with buying catfish to release. I quickly advised her based on my horrible experience last year, and I'm proud to say she adapted to the changes. As a result, the whole thing went smoothly and we avoided all of the pitfalls.

For one, the lorry drivers stayed through the event so I did not have to shove oversized tongs into my boot. Next, we chose a more accessible spot to release the fishes. And lastly, and most happily, the schedule ran as planned. For some of you international readers, you may not realize the MAGNITUDE of that achievement. It was enough to cause another tsunami, I tell you.


William said...

I kind of defeats the purpose, if the animals that are used in the lepas hidup are purposely caught for those ends.

ZemieN said...

Yes, if you go to some 'temples' they do have people selling caged birds for you to release and then bask in your own holy light.

But we are more sincere in the sense that we actually buy the fishes from the wet market. So if we didn't buy them they are destined to end up in someone's belly very soon. As opposed to sellers who will keep the animals alive until someone buys them to be released.