17 May 2006

Real Estate is Expensive

The other day I had dinner at Marry Brown, a local fast food chain. Their wash basin area was so small that when I bent down to rinse my hands, the automatic hand dryer started drying my elbow.


William said...

You're either using the children's wash area, or it's some kind of new age Alice in Wonderland interior decor concept.

The first Marry Brown in Kuantan was located in a ship moored near the Kuantan River Bay. One had to cross a rope+plank bridge to get to the restaurant. So posh. The boat's sunk now, and Marry Brown is so... Sugar Bun.

joshua said...

Marry Brown offers vegetarian prawns, part of its Ocean Fiesta or something like that.

But offering soy-replacement products together with fried chicken and REAL fish?

That's just odd.

ZemieN said...

I think that's a great move. There are many vegetarians around, and they as a minority have been neglected by the fast food chain.

Oops, I said the 'm' word. Better be careful nowadays. After all, it's a "sensitive" issue.

William said...

We just don't want a repeat of the incident with McD, where they claim that the fries are vegetarian (deep fried in vegetable oil), but failed to mention that they were lightly seared with some bovine gristle back in the factory.

I think it's not so much trying to cater vegetarians, but they are actually trying to portray a more "healthful menu". Think KFC's salad and McD's chicken foldover, etc.