01 June 2006

Rhetorical Question 1

Help me out with this one, please? Just type your answer in the comments. I will provide my own opinion tomorrow.

The scenario:
Love, for many people, comes by quite rarely. We're not talking about simple sexual encounters of course. We're talking about real relationships. But sometimes our relationships cause friction with our friends. Take Linda for example. Last night she went out with Joe, an average-looking guy with a personality that matches Linda quite well. The next day at work, Linda told her girlfriends about Joe over lunch.

"Joe? Is he like, not very tall, with thinning hair?" Sarah asked. Linda was surprised, "You know him?"

"Yes, and I forbid you to date him. He's just not that nice, trust me," Sarah insisted.

"But why?"

"Don't you bother. I know him through other friends and all I can say is, I don't think he's right for you."

Linda disagrees with her good friend, whom she has rarely seen in such a mood. She couldn't help but doubt Joe a little. But, their night out was so fun! Maybe Joe's not the right guy, but maybe he is. Who is Linda to judge?

The question:
In situations (oh, there are many) such as this, who would you choose? Your friendship or your lovelife? Sometimes we just can't have it both ways because some people just don't get along.

As I said, this is a purely rhetorical question. There's no need to bring in external factors such as "Sarah is saying that coz she's jealous of Linda". Assume that all external variables are not-important.


William said...

Never, ever burn your bridges. You will regret the day you dump your friends for a significant other. If it works out, none of your friends will go to your wedding, if it doesn't, the act of crying back to them is soooo pathetic. Answer: Choose both.

ZemieN said...

In this rhetorical world of mine, you can't pick both. If Linda goes out with Joe, she will offend Sarah. If she doesn't, she'll lose Joe.

William said...

Your world, your rules. Hmmm...

Linda can screw Joe, but can't screw Sarah. I'll go with Joe. So, screw Sarah.... Err, what's my answer again? Oh yeah, Joe. I choose Joe.

kelly said...

Hmmm, I think pressing Linda for an explanation will be good, but if she doesn't give a good reason, then I'll stick with Joe.