13 June 2006

My Roommate, the Blockhead

For the past few days David has been having terrible diarrhea. After four days of no improvement, he went to see the pharmacist. After a day on over-the-counter medication, he said his condition has not improved much. After ALL that, he bought a Ramly burger for dinner.

Once again, he wins the Duh Award for 2006.


Innocent^^Guy said...

fight fire with fire?

joshua said...

FYI, Singaporeans travel all across the Causeway to JB for a munchable Ramly burger u know?

That's HOW GOOD it is... to them

William said...

@Inno: Cure poison with poison

@Josh: The Ramly burger is only as good as the Serbuk Lada Berperisa Ajinomoto they use.

Perhaps David should get some laxatives instead. Flush it ALL out.