11 June 2006

Silent Mode

I loath being interrupted by ringtones, regardless of who it may be. This not only applies to places like the theater or library - any and all ringtones are deemed annoying. Standard "Ring! Ring!" chimes are bearable, but those resembling songs (or God forbid, Crazy Frog) make me just die a little inside.

I extend those expectations onto myself as well. 90% of the time my phone is on vibration mode so I don't disturb myself or others. The only exception is when I'm in my room and the phone is connected to the charger, since I wouldn't be able to feel the vibration then.

My Nokia 2100 has served me well despite several times being hurled down onto the concrete floor. I don't know if those incidents have anything to do with the fact that it is no longer vibrating. I noticed it yesterday when I only heard the beep, but did not feel the vibration. Restarting the phone did not work too.

So now I'm in a dilemma. Do I break my own rule and set it to yell whenever I receive a call, or do I train my ears to pick up that small "beep" sound when it should have been vibrating? Option #3: Get a new phone is just not viable at this time.


Innocent^^Guy said...

how about option 4? Get a second-hand hp...its not new...i think it doesnt violate constraint 3...haha

ZemieN said...

Second hand phones are either sold by:

i) people who are changing to a new phone, and therefore there must be something wrong with the old one.


ii) people who love changing phones. In that case the phone will be too new to be any cheaper.

There are exceptions, I know, but I choose to be ignorant.

joshua said...

i love my sing-a-long ringtones very much, thank you!

but frugal you will find a way... to solve this mishap. i am sure

William said...

You must be desperately hoping that someone will drop you a phone because they are changing to a new model. It might just happen...