01 June 2006

A Not So Rhetorical Reality

Some of you might say that my post this morning is too grounded in fantasy, but I'll show you that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

I was doing research on Catcha, Malaysia's own web portal when I came across a poll they were having. They asked:

Would you work for passion or money?
  • Passion
  • Money
  • Both

At first, I thought that this was WAY more rhetorical than my question this morning. What's the point of having the option for Passion and Money when we can have both? I input my choice of Both (duh!) and waited for the results.

And the results, my dear friends, are shocking:

Passion: 86 votes
Money: 562 votes
Both: 358 votes

Who? WHO? Who in their right mind will purposely only work for money? Who wouldn't want to earn lots of money while enjoying the process? I think the poll is biased. They shouldn't use bombastic words like "Both" - maybe the voters didn't learn it in school and thought that "both" is a type of small boat. Instead, they should have just used "Passion and Money".

Seriously, would you have purposely only picked "Passion" or "Money" when you can have both?


William said...

Through "Rhetorical Question 1" you would know I choose both. Perhaps the question is more like why go straight or otherwise when you can swing both ways? Then the answer of money or passion won't seem so strange anymore.

Innocent^^Guy said...

Or maybe it was trying to say "None of the aBOTH"