15 June 2006


Yesterday my college had a small Listerine roadshow whereby you just answer a simple silly question to win a small bottle of Listerine. Being me, I went for it. But when I urged my other friends to go for it too, most of them declined. Why were they ashamed? Scared that people will think that they are cheap? That could be a reason, because I'm cheap but I don't care.

Maybe if they knew that Listerine costs about 600% more than petrol, they would be rushing for it.


William said...

Do not be ashamed. Let the auntiness in you shine! I would have definitely done even though I don't use Listerine. :P

joshua said...

Listerine causes cancer y'know?

CARCINOGENIC, as C.A.P. claims

Innocent^^Guy said...

serious? omg i didn't know..buti just hate the taste of it in my mouth somehow...i dunno y...and anything that gives those mint kinda feeling makes my stomach feel empty...sweets also..-.-"

William said...

Many chemicals found in our personal care products are claimed to be carcinogenic by the CAP. But it is not declared as such yet, most are just suspected carcinogens. If we listened to all the CAP warnings, I think there's nothing much on the shelf that we can use. If it's any consolation, dentists still stock Listerine.

Look for SLES, PG, PEG, Methyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Diazodinyl Urea on your product labels... they're everywhere.

thompsonboy said...

Listerine is a product with over 100 years of history...if its cancerous, something should have happened by now.