23 June 2006

Satria Sucks

The other day the guys and I stopped at a Proton showroom to check out the new Satria Neo. Certainly not a big fan of cars but wouldn't mind seeing if it's worth the fuss.

It's not.

The space inside is equivalent to a Kancil, no kidding. If I was in the driver's seat, only a midget would fit behind me. And a small midget at that. But the boot space ain't huge either. Certainly wouldn't fit dead bodies without requiring a saw. So I wonder where all the space went?

The funniest incident that got me shaking my head in disbelief is the seat latch. On the side of the passenger's seat is a latch that will push the seat down and forward so that the midgets sitting behind can come out. After I managed to pull myself out like a circus clown exiting a Mini Cooper, I tried to lock the passenger seat back into place. But the latch wouldn't stick and it kept unlocking itself. It finally stayed in place in our 4th attempt. But when I closed the passenger door (lightly) the latch un-latched and I saw (with much glee) how the seat just pushed itself down.

That's a dose of Malaysian engineering for you!


William said...

Proton has run out of ideas. People normally rehash their ideas to make it better, this time they've really outdone themselves.

FYI, my sister drives a Satria, but the seat does not have that problem. But there are other screwed up flaws. Every model has its hallmark defects.

Skyler said...

Hey Zemien. You don't like my blog anymore!!!!!

I love the "with much glee" bit.