07 June 2006

Of 06/06/06's and 1999s

Well, we survived yesterday now, didn't we?

All this talk about the significance of 666's are lame. Yes, perhaps the number 666 is devilish, but there's no reason to connect it to yesterday's date. It's mostly a marketing ploy to get you to watch the remake of The Omen. I didn't watch the original but I have no reason to believe the remake is better.

But you know what? At least 06/06/06 it's not as lame as using 1999 to explain the coming of Armaggedon. That's what 1999's "End of Days" used. Remember the movie? It was one of Arnold I-Don't-Know-How-To-Spell-His-Surname's poor excuse of an action movie. The whole movie is forgettable, but there was a particular line I remembered vividly.

Someone (I think it was a priest) was explaining to Arnold's character why the end of the world is coming. He explained it somewhere along these lines, "What is the year? 1999. Flip it around and you get? (suspenseful silence) 666."

That has got to be the funniest scene in the movie. Or in Skyler's words, "SO LAME CAN DIE."

I mean, how can you simply flip dates around? And what happened to the '1'? If I was the actor portraying the priest I would not be able to deliver those lines. You really are a B-grade actor if you need to say those lines just to be in a movie with Arnold. Maybe even a C-grade.

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William said...

For some unknown reason, I like the premise of these stories. "End of Days", "Stigmata", but not really "Constantine". However, I loved Tilda Swinton as Gabriel.