13 June 2006

Graduation Gift

The topic came up as I was chatting with Dad over MSN the other day.

"What do you think about a China trip in October?" he asked.

I've been to China once, and although he plans to go to another part of the big country, I declined the offer. I've never been very enthusiastic about China. In fact, I'm done visiting Asian countries (except Singapore)! It's off to the West next time!

Since a trip to Europe/Australia/USA doesn't seem very plausible at the moment, I opted to ask for a close alternative: the new Apple iMac.

I know some of you will think "Holy ****! Zemien is SO spoilt! I am so NOT reading his blog anymore." But really, you're just jealous now, aren't you?

I want to get a Mac because, well, I haven't used one before. I could have easily gotten a high end gaming PC for the same price, but I think it's time to expand my horizon. And I definitely deserve the iMac because throughout 3 years of scoring straight A's, never did I once pester my Dad about sending me overseas for twinning. Plus the fact I resisted buying a Playstation2. In short, I've been a REALLY good boy.

Which reminds me, the first thing I'm gonna buy when I graduate is a PS2. I've been holding back WAYYY too long.


William said...

It's time to splurge! Tell your Dad to give you the cash. Then you can do anything you want with it.

Innocent^^Guy said...

i dunno...i rather swap with u zemien..i want to stay...

Musa said...

thats the previlage of being the only son in the family ... which I will never have. Althought you are not "spoiled" brat as you claimed, which I think you were... just that you choose not to behave like one.
All the best in your studies. Aim higher dude and be ambitious!..nothing wrong with that. make em' proud of yea.

joshua said...

i lagi worse than you