12 June 2006

It is... ALIVE!

Hah! Looks like there's no further need for me to defend against scathing claims that I'm stingy by not buying a new phone. That's because it is happily vibrating again! Seems like all it needed was a good night's rest. I haven't been switching it off for quite some time, so I guess it was just showing its grumpiness. Whoever said computers don't have free will have never met my phone yet.


Innocent^^Guy said...

i believe that computers have their own will...even my database lecturer told me that..alwis he made changes to his slide, but during our lectures he noticed that the slides did not change...then he said it alwis happens...computers do their own stuff when we sleep..haha

joshua said...

your phone is possessed ala Japanese-Korean Horror Flick.

Now before the virus/curse transfers thru the connection. Remove my number off your contacts.

Just kidding.

William said...

I don't want to be negative, but these are signs that your phone sedang nazak. Be prepared.