25 June 2006

Exercise High

Joshua mentioned it before, and now I agree - you feel happy after a gym session. During the workout I sometimes feel tired or bored (especially if there are no eye candy around, which happens to be most of the time). And who can forget the torture we inflict on our muscles? But the moment I step out of the gym and get a proper shower, I fell reenergized. Even if I have a lecture afterwards, I don't feel lethargic.

My explanation is quite simple. Exercise causes our body to produce endorphins - our "happy hormones". This is the same kind of hormone that is released during sex, which also explains my decreasing horny-ness. Seriously! After a gym session I don't really feel the need to spank the monkey anymore. Try it yourself! The next time your ugly excuse of a husband/wife wants to have sex but you're not in the mood, send them for a jog.

(Disclaimer: No, I'm not saying that all my readers' husbands/wives are ugly. However, if they are pretty and they want to have sex, send them for a jog to my place.)

1 comment:

William said...

"I don't really feel the need to spank the monkey anymore"

Yeah, don't really. But what the heck. *grin*