22 June 2006

Clear Indication of A Problem

I was walking with Mum at Mid Valley basement where there are a lot of direct sales people. I passed this stall where they were selling some acne kit, and all it took was a microsecond glance at me before the salesgirl approached Mum. She asked Mum in Cantonese, "Would you like to buy this product for your son's face?"

We just kept walking on and I REFUSED to acknowledge her existence and pretended I didn't hear her. How dare she? But anyway, kind kekex recommended Dalacin-T, an antibiotic solution for acne vulgaris (what a vulgar name). A quick research on the Net showed that it is quite a common prescription, so I got a bottle at Guardian for RM31.90.

How would I know if it worked? Simple. The next time I pass that stall, the salesgirl will just ignore me.

1 comment:

William said...

Would you have been insulted if she asked you instead?

My friend recommends Activa.