18 June 2006

Heartbroken Again

"Hi, had your dinner yet?"

"Yes, Mum."

"So is the room all ok?"


Mum is coming to visit me in Nilai and I totally forgotten to get the room key. I had made reservations a few days earlier but I forgot to put a reminder to pick up the key. I would have liked to blame yesterday's criticism but I believe I would have forgotten it either way. So later I have to go and reserve a 3 star hotel room, forcing Mum to pay twice the amount she would have paid IF I WOULD HAVE JUST PUT A SIMPLE REMINDER IN MY PHONE.

I am just so beaten up emotionally. Zemien, why are you slacking? :(

[Desire to fight: 100%. Energy to fight: 0%]


joshua said...

Cheer up dude! YOU CAN DO IT... so just do it!

ZemieN said...

Thanks, I feel better already.

As a side note, I don't think you'd make the best of motivators :P

"Just do it"??!?! That's like, 25 years ago?