30 June 2006

Announcing DirectUML

For those of you even remotely interested, you can now download a copy of DirectUML 1.0. That's my final project software, and I feel confident enough to release the first version. Many of the diagramming aspect works fine, with some quirks here and there. So what am I doing now? I'm looking for a killer function, something that will guarantee my Distinction in this subject.

To run DirectUML, you ideally need Java 1.5, but it should run fine with 1.4. It's not included in the download, but most PCs already have it installed. If not, it's a small download (if you have broadband).

Those of you capable enough to try it, please do. And tell me what you think.

Those of you incapable of trying it, I don't blame you. (shows 'L' finger sign in front of forehead)

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