09 June 2006

My First Time

I couldn't see much of anything with the lights out, but with my hands I could feel EVERYTHING. I moved my hand along her smooth, naked skin. She trembled with excitement and turned around to face me. I told her, "I hope you weren't expecting a post about how I lost my virginity."

With THAT out of the way, let's get on with today's post :P There's a first time for everything. Yesterday afternoon, someone added me on MSN. It wasn't someone I recognised so I messaged him first:

Zemien: hi. who's this?
Hero: hi it's me
Zemien: and u are?
Hero: muntasser
Zemien: er..... sorry i dun remember u! maybe i call u by other name?
Hero: no,it is the first time to talk to you but you send me emails before.
Zemien: really? then where hv i met u?
Hero: we did not meet.
Zemien: Then how do i know u? wat email hv i sent u before? i really dun recall u

At first I thought he might be some arabic friend from college since his name (Muntasser) is suspiciously Muslim. But after the above chat, I'm not so sure. Then he replied:
Hero: I recived the following message;
Hey there, you haven't replied to my message?
Wanna get together and get wild??
Let me know!

I swear I have not and will not send an email asking complete strangers to get wild! I prefer making a direct call instead.

I realized that it was probably spam, and our conversation continued as such:
Zemien: huh? i hv never sent anything to anyone before! i think it must be spam. wat email did u get it from? were there any links to porn sites in there? if so i think it must be porn
Hero: scool85@hotmail.com
Zemien: well, i only use hotmail to use MSN Messenger. i dun email anyone from there. plus, i'm a guy. so i am very sure it is just spam
Hero: OK guy, what ur name!
Zemien: huh?
Hero: lets forget the email and be friends.
Zemien: hehe ok! u can call me zemien
next time u can ignore all this weird emails
Hero: where r u!!
Zemien: malaysia
Hero: and what is ur name!!
Zemien: zemien
Hero: why u take long time to reply!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are wondering, I added him to my Block list. I may be cruel, but I really can't chat with people who:

1. Asks me questions twice, and doesn't even acknowledge that I gave him my name; and
2. Can't differentiate between '!' and '?' when asking questions.


Innocent^^Guy said...

are u talking to a bot? If i were you, i'll block the shit out of him man...haha

I dun wan a porn freak... and i think that if he cannot differentiate spam mails, that just makes things worst...haha

William said...

Yeah, it sounds like a bot. I experienced something like that too, so I ripped off your post (with reference of course) *grin*.

ZemieN said...

I've never heard of blogs being so sophisticated. William, I can understand your case. But I doubt a bot will use such a roundabout manner to get me to visit porn sites.

And yes, I've already blocked the shit out of him.

ZemieN said...

Doh! (slaps forehead)

I meant "I've never heard of bots being so sophisticated".

But of course, the original statement holds true for some blogs as well. However, don't worry coz everyone who reads my blog have a great blog as well :)

joshua said...

that hero deserves to be bulleted to the head!

William said...

"everyone who reads my blog have a great blog as well :)"

How clever of you. By reading, one gets a GREAT blog. I wonder if one reads AND comments....