04 June 2006

10 of Life's Simple Pleasures

I was tagged by Skyler to do a meme. Some time back I was also tagged by Joshua but I never replied it. For me, I'd rather reply a hot chick's tag rather than an old friend. Plus, Joshua's school life meme is very hard for me to do. After all, my school life is included as an example under Oxford Dictionary's definition of "Boring (adj.)", as in "Zemien's school life is boring".

Anyway, it's not hard to come up with this list because I am an easily contented person. My Top 10 list of Life's Simple Pleasures are...
  1. Having someone say to me, "I love you"
  2. Spooning (the one you do on a bed)
  3. Listening to slow and passionate songs, preferably while doing the above
  4. A quiet, relaxing place for me to meditate
  5. Knowing that I managed to help someone in any way
  6. Whooping other people's ass in videogames, especially my roommate's
  7. Knowing that my blog is being read by someone other than myself
  8. Being in a leadership role (I'd rather be the Master, not the Slave)
  9. Getting a full body massage (sigh... it's been SO long...)
  10. Being able to say back, in full honesty, "I love you too".
And now for the fun part - tagging! The five lucky people are...
William - for being such a loyal commentor
Kekex - "I tag because I care". 'Nuff said
Joshua - I'm giving you the option to ignore this meme in return
Jackson - Coz you need to post something else besides forwarded e-mail jokes
Calvinsanity - You never replied my first tag also. This is your second warning.


kelly said...

"Getting a full body massage (sigh... it's been SO long...)"

You sure it won't end up in you squirming all over the place? or maybe accidentally kicking him/her off the bed cause you're ticklish? ;P

ZemieN said...

Nope, I don't think so. I'm referring to those relaxing and sometimes painful Thai-style massages. I only squirm when people touch me softly or sensuously - which a massage is not.

Maybe it's different with ladies' spas, I dunno.

Skyler said...

Oooooo, I'm a hot chick now. DO THE OTHER ONE ALSO LAR JERK.

Do it and I'll give you a spoon. The kind you eat with.

Innocent^^Guy said...

wat the hell is a tag...no idea...izzit like sex? then i would like to have a hot chick tagging me...haha

ZemieN said...

Skyler: Nuh-uh! :P

Calvinsanity: Unfortunately for you, you kena tag by this large-sized male. No hot chick yet :P

Jackson Lim said...

Alright honey, alright I heard you.....

Skyler said...


William said...

Hey, you got my hyperlink wrong! A tag... this is what I get for being a loyal commentor... No toaster oven, no sofa set, no PS2...

ZemieN said...

Oops! Sorry about the hyperlink. It's corrected-liao.

Bah! Toaster ovens.... PS2s... sofa sets.... those are all worthless. I'm giving you the greatest gift of all! It's.... er.... hmm.... (insert affectionate word here).