02 June 2006

Rhetorical Answer 1

(This is my personal response to yesterday's rhetorical question)

Like William so wished, I would prefer to keep both. But the reality is, sometimes you gotta choose. And for me, I would always choose good friends over potential lovers.

I believe in soulmates. I don't think that there's only one person perfect for us, but there are definitely several possibilities. And those possibilities come few and far between. I believe that if I meet a soulmate, I will immediately know. I may feel a connection with everyone else, but I am confident that I will just feel a "click" when meeting a soulmate.

Therefore, I would choose Sarah over Joe. In my experience, it's harder to make friends than to find lovers. Good friends are distant enough so that I don't have to look at them everyday, but still close enough to offer a comforting ear. Lovers, on the other hand, come and go. Plus, the associated strings attached can sometimes be annoying. With a friend, you can just tell them to buzz off.

So yes, I would gladly choose a friend over a potential lover. But if I have a feeling that I've met one of my soulmates, I wouldn't mind sacrificing a friend of two.

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William said...

It all boils down to worth. Is this 'potential soulmate' worth 2 friends? We can always find another... but it's never the same. Just make sure you're the kind of person who does not carry around a lot of regrets.