28 June 2006

Cool Cups

Do you remember those plastic cups you could put in the freezer, and there is some liquid in between the cup's body that will turn to ice? So that when you make a hot drink it will become ice cold in a matter of minutes? I'm not sure what they are actually called, but I saw someone holding it this morning and it just made me think back.

I had one when I was about 10, I think. It was my absolutely favourite-est mug! Every afternoon after I had come home from school and had my lunch, I would get the cup out of the freezer and make iced Milo. I can no longer enjoy chocolate, but I sincerely believe every child should have the opportunity to taste iced Milo.

Anyway, after I finished drinking it, the mug would go back into the freezer to be used the next day. This was a common routine until one day my iced Milo tasted bitter. I didn't know what it was, but I finally figured that the plastic has cracked and the liquid inside has seeped into my drink. I'm not sure what it is, but it's definitely not plain water. Regardless, now I know why I'm still not winning any Nobel prizes. It's poisoning, I tell you!


William said...

I used to have that cup from Milo. I'd rather use ice cubes. It doesn't work! It's kinda like those chilled beer mugs...

Forget about the Nobel prize first, how's your thesis coming along?

ZemieN said...

Thanks for asking!

You can download a public beta at http://greenp.sourceforge.net but I doubt you'll be able to run it without the support files. You can place a comment with you e-mail, and once I get it I will e-mail you the complete package.

And tell me what you think. The basic framework is there, but I'll be adding some advanced features over the next weeks.

Which reminds me, do you have any idea for a "killer feature" in a UML app? Not the kind of feature that kills the users, if you get my drift. My supervisor is not impressed with it yet.

William said...

I may be a developer, but I have never used any modelling software in my line of work. Maybe because there's no decent lifecycle. RUSH FOR DEV -> RUSH FOR SIT -> RUSH FOR UAT -> PUSH TO PROD. The only such software I know is Rational Rose. It's already pretty nifty with code generators and framework templates.

Btw. There's nothing to download at the site...