26 June 2006

What A Boring Blog!

I have realized that for the past 1 year I've been writing an extremely dull and boring blog. I mean, even newcomer William can get such exotic referrals as "Joey Wong underwear". Me leh? Me??!?! People visit my blog based on such boring keywords as:
  1. nelly+furtado
  2. notice+sur+bitcomet
  3. zeem
  4. end+grown+toenails
  5. proton+satria+neo
This is just plain shocking. Where are all the keywords I want such as "Zemien+is+such+a+hot+dude+and+I+wanna+go+out+with+him"? Where?


Skyler said...

I get them from "xiaxue mike" "xiaxue american boyfriend".

Which I find really freaky.

William said...

Not "underwear", but "pantyhose"! :)

joshua said...

the keywords aren't appearing in the same sentence as ur name...

not in this lifetime anyway