02 February 2006

Overzealous Overspender

I'm a pretty detailed person. I usually track every cent I spend in my trusty diary. I used to calculate my monthly spending but I don't do it anymore because I know I can control myself. But when I came back last Saturday I didn't take my diary so I decided that for a week I wouldn't care what I spent on. After all, I have my ang pow earnings to support me.

And so far I've been doing very good. Today, I treated Dad to dim sum before going to karaoke, followed by a sip at Starbucks. Those are some things I wouldn't do otherwise, as knowing I have to write "Starbucks: RM8.40" in my diary will send me into cardiac arrest. Although I need to focus entirely on researching my final year project now, I'll look into ways to burn cash before I go back to my penny-pinching habits next week.

Hmm... the thought is just plain delicious.

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