10 January 2006

Worst Fear

I had planned to write about the spaghetti lunch I made for Jay, but something more important has cropped up - my room was almost broken in this morning.

Our hostels are no stranger to break-ins - it has happened quite regularly every semester. David and I are always cautious, but frankly speaking, once you are marked by the thieves it's quite impossible to prevent a meticulous robbery.

David discovered the attempt this morning when he noticed that two of the four screws connecting the padlock bracket to the wall has been loosened. More specifically, the wood around the screws have been chipped away. I am most distressed by this turn of events, even though I'm not the one with the most expensive equipment.

My plan of action is as follows: Inform the Accommodation Office to install a new bracket in a new place by tomorrow. Find some surveillance software that will turn my webcam into a security camera. And most importantly, get into the psychology of the asshole(s). I'll also be planting some traps of my own.

This time, it's personal.


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