29 January 2006

Ang Pow Statistics

We live in a time of science, so it is only appropriate that I did a quick study on my ang pow collections this year. Hopefully, I can compare numbers next year and see if the rate is going up or down.

From my paternal family, the average is RM10 per red packet.

Form my maternal side, the average is RM15 per red packet.

What's interesting is that my paternal side is mostly in Penang, a developed city while my maternal side is mostly in Kulim (Kedah), a developing but pretty ulu place. So it's kinda strange that the red packets coming from a small town is 50% higher than a metropolitan city.

Let's see how 2007 fares. If you'd like, you can do a quick calculation of your ang pow average and post them here. It's totally unscientific (despite the first sentence of this post), but it would be huge fun.


savante said...

Not really all that weird since Penangites are known to be skinflints :)


ZemieN said...

To think that I'd have to agree with you!