20 January 2006

Locked-In Part 1

[The events described happened yesterday - but I couldn't post it because the network was down]

David played a prank on me by locking me inside the room. Yes, he locked the padlock. I can't express how angry I am right now, but I think I'm more disappointed and nervous than angry.

Disappointed because I never knew David could be so reckless. He is the kind who likes playing pranks, but this is dangerous. What if a fire happened? What if I really need to go the toilet? He had the nerve to leave me here and go have dinner with the other guys.

Nervous because, well, there's no fire yet but I do need to pee quite badly.

Upon discovering my predicament, I didn't know what to do. I had planned to give him an angry call, but I knew I had bad acting skills so I decided to send him the following SMS:


Short and sweet, no? Of course, I wasn't really angry or serious about destroying anything. But that's what I like about looking serious all the time - when I make a threat, it seems very real. And it did work on David. Less than a minute later he called me. In order to put more pressure on him, I purposely cancelled his call. He SMSed me that he is coming back, probably trying to prevent me from trashing his side of the room.

And while waiting for David, I began writing this post. As I just finished typing out my SMS message above, I heard the familiar sound of the padlock opening. I had yet to decide how to confront David - should I be aggressive or give him the cold shoulder? Well, there wasn't any time left to think as the padlock was removed.

Drop by again tomorrow to read the conclusion to today's post. What did I do to David? And how did he react?

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