29 January 2006

Money Money Money

Yesterday evening I helped Dad package the ang pows (red packets). This is a yearly ritual for us, and I have been helping my parent(s) prepare for the big day ever since I can recall. I'm not allowed to reveal how we segregate the ang pows (lest you become one of the recipients!), but we basically have three categories - "strangers" (people we don't know so well), immediate family members (nieces and nephews), and also "special" (that includes me and the kids of Dad's close friends).

Obviously, I wasn't allowed to peek into my own ang pow yet and that is also another ritual I observe. Dad will usually give it to me on the night of New Year's Eve but I have told him to hold it till the actual day. I mean, I'm no longer 14 so I can restraint myself! And I plan to initiate a new ritual tomorrow - the tea offering. If I'm not mistaken children are supposed to offer a cup of tea to their elders for one reason or another. I haven't done that yet so I'll think I'll make a cup for him as a sign of gratitude.

To all my readers celebrating the Lunar New Year tomorrow, I wish you a Properous Chinese New Year! Or as we lazy bastards wish nowadays, "HCNY!"

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