26 January 2006

Reunion Blessings

I tried very hard to avoid it, but I failed - the Chinese New Year fever is upon me. Of course, it is not as pronounced as when I was little, but I've lost all will to study already. Tonight, I got together with my clique and had our own little reunion dinner over at one of Nilai's best Chinese restaurant. We ordered a few simple dishes but no Yee Sang of course (we wouldn't afford it).

Reunion dinners are a simple gathering of family members, keeping track of what everyone has been up to. And while we might lament seeing some cousins/aunts/nephews whom we hate, we might as well treasure them while they are still around. After reading this depressing news article, I treasure the fact that I will be flying straight home into my father's arms. No queueing forever. No need to wear adult Pampers. No need to cramp into trains.

If those Chinese can do that, why can't we?

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