22 January 2006

Uncommon Fun

Our lecture finished before 4, but our dinner starts at 6.45 so we walked over to First World Hotel.
The new Flying Coaster was just outside the main complex, and when I saw it I knew I had to ride it. The others (Alvin, Jay, YY, & Sushi) were less enthusiastic but encouraged me to go anyway. I didn't want to spend RM10 to enjoy alone so I persuaded the others until everyone but Sushi conceded.
And so we went on it! There wasn't any queue so we got right in. The twist to this ride is that we lie down on our front so it feels like we're flying. As we started to swing up I could feel my legs shivering. However the wait turned out to be scarier than the ride itself. It was exciting, but never scary. It was worth a shot nonetheless.
After that Jay suggested the video game arcade & I challenged him to a fight. Not many people know that I was fairly good in King Of Fighters. Was. But the arcade turned out to be disappointing. The KOF machine that we played on had malfunctioning controls. By the way, the arcade here uses touch cards instead of tokens. But their implementation was far from perfect & we got a little frustrated. But in the end, there's nothing better than spending quality time with friends.