23 January 2006

No Proof Necessary

No matter how scientifically advanced we become, we will always need some blind faith. It is our basic instinct to try and explain things, but it is an ever baser instinct to believe certain things without investigation. For example, physicists cannot fully explain gravity, but we all believe in it.

There are other more subtle examples. Positive thinking is a good one. A few posts ago I mentioned that I "attracted" a lucky draw prize just by thinking about it. Most people who have not experienced this will ask, "But how is that possible?" And the problem with most people is that they do not want to believe it without seeing it for themselves. Unfortunately, to make this work they need to have blind faith. If they doubt in its effectiveness, the thing they want will never come to them.

Religion is another thorny issue. No matter what faith you belong to, blind faith is a necessary ingredient. People can argue all they want but there are certain things that cannot be confirmed without going back in time. So at the moment, let's just believe blindly.

Trust me.

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William said...

Religion & Faith

Let's take Christianity as an example. Even during Jesus' time. With all the miracles performed, some people were skeptical. Fast forward today. No "Jesus". No "miracles". Yet, there are believers everywhere. "Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase" -- Martin Luther King.