03 January 2006

The Calm Before the Storm

The hostel area was practically a cowboy town last night. There was hardly anyone around, but tonight most students have returned. The place is once again buzzing with activity and it's great to see the place brought to life.

Lectures start tomorrow, and I think it's gonna be real interesting. First, there is the much dreaded double module project. It felt like only yesterday that Ms. S told us first-year students not to worry about the project yet. Well, I think now is the proper time to start worrying.

Secondly, the petition I wrote for Mr. Yap last semester pulled through. He's returning as our lecturer for a more advanced course - one which he is an expert in. More importantly, I expect more quotable quotes coming from him so watch the sidebar!

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Jackson Lim said...

This semester is indeed an exciting one.