05 January 2006

"Screw You!"

For a long time, students who chose not to stay in the college hostel but still somewhere nearby has had to spend at least 10 minutes travelling because there are no housing areas directly next to the college. But that has recently changed with the construction of the apartments directly next to the college hostel. This became the best alternative for students who feel "constrained" by the hostel's rules as it is the closest external accommodation.

It opened last semester and students began moving out. The outflow seems unstoppable, and I have noticed a visible decrease in the number of students in the hostel. Now, those who stay in those apartments usually enter the academic block via a back gate. This back gate is opened for staff and students to drive in because the main gate is rather far. But lately there are a lot of students using that entrance as well.

In the beginning of this semester, I got a mild shock when I read a notice that the back gate will be closed by 9.30am. That is rather inconvenient because I sometimes use that entrance too. I reflected for a moment on why the management would do such a thing, and I realized why. They probably wanted to 'punish' the students from the apartment from moving out. By closing the back gate, those walking from the apartment have to walk even further.

In other words, it is the management's way of saying, "Screw you, you traitors!"

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