27 January 2006

Backbreaking Brokeback

[Correction: I put 'Emmy' instead of 'Golden Globes'. The correction has been made]

I'm sure most of you have heard about Brokeback Mountain - the so-called gay cowboy love story. Director Ang Lee doesn't want people to think of it as a "gay cowboy love story", and he's right. I watched it this morning, and I think it is more like a "very boring and tedious gay cowboy love story".

I won't go into plot details, but it won multiple Golden Globes and is a strong contender for the Oscars. Most movie critics agree too. Needless to say, any film with homosexual elements is banned in Malaysia. Actually, any film that has strong sexual tendencies is also banned (read: Austin Powers).

With so much hype around the movie, I just must watch it. I realize that most Oscar Best Movie nominees are usually very boring but I was hoping Brokeback Mountain would do better. It didn't.

The pace is veerrryyy slow. Great acting by both leads but the main problem is their Western accent. I know Heath Ledger is Australian, but he talks in a genuine manner and that becomes its biggest flaw, in my opinion. Without subtitles, it is just impossible to comprehend their dialogue! Even with subtitles, I doubt I could have survived its snail-like pace. Ang Lee could have edited out 30 minutes and delivered a more digestible movie, but he didn't.

In my continuing movie marathon, I will watch Transamerica next. Transamerica is another big winner at the Golden Globes, winning the Best Actress award for Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives fame.


Sue said...

Hi. Yeah, I guess there should have been subtitles for you guys, but its kind of difficult when the movies are pirated. When I worked at a Medical Center in New York State, there were Indian, Chinese and Japanese interns. One would tell a joke in English and nobody could understand it but me. You see, they could not understand each other's accents. So, I would retell the joke and everybody would laugh, because they could all understand my English. I also thought the movie was slow also and I did understand it. But at least I could have sat with you and told you what the characters were saying. Probably would have made it more fun for me too!!!

ZemieN said...

I couldn't agree more with you, Sue. I would have enjoyed the movie much more if I could just make out what they were saying!

Anytime you wanna sit next to me and tell me what they were saying, you just email me ;)

Sue said...

It is a date! :) Now how do I get from Connecticut, USA, to Malaysia? :(