04 January 2006

Breaking the Habit Part 1

I went to Alamanda, the new shopping complex at Putrajaya for the first time tonight. Joey led the way in his car, and we shopped around a bit. My personal opinion on Alamanda is, it's gonna become deserted soon if people do not move in to surrounding towns soon.

Anyway we (David, Alex, Albert, and I) left early, leaving the two lovebirds (Joey and Amy) to themselves. David wanted to show me a shortcut home, and oh, isn't that how things start going wrong?

He neglected to mention a little simple instruction, and because of that, we missed the turning and I suddenly found myself travelling on trunk roads towards an unknown town. I could still see the bright lights of Putrajaya in my rear view mirror, but I have a bad feeling we were entering the Twilight Zone.

Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of this story... (I'm just too tired to write all of it)

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