28 January 2006

Transamerica Can Travel

Transamerica is a much much better film than Brokeback Mountain. Of course, the subject matter is entirely different but since they are both big winners at this year's Golden Globes I decided to compare them side by side. Again, you can search for a synopsis somewhere else but basically this is a road trip movie. And as with all road trip movies (like Roadtrip and Eurotrip), it is about a few people embarking on a life-altering journey across great distances.

What makes this different from many other road trip films is its realistic characters and dark humour. Felicity Huffman is just wonderful in the role of Bree, a pre-op transexual travelling on the road with his (her?) teenage son. It really dealt with many issues and offers a genuine ending. A highly recommended movie that, as usual, will not be shown in local cinemas.

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