16 January 2006

Annoying Habit

Less than 2 weeks ago, I wrote about having to break my habit of sleeping late. Well, I haven't learned my lesson and I paid for it dearly last night.

Around 1am I was still tossing around with many thoughts in my head and suddenly the electricity went out. David and I groaned almost simultaneously - this could last a long time. Obviously it became harder for me to sleep in this Chinese New Year weather, and in 3 minutes I walked out of the room just to get some fresh air.

Once outside, I noticed that only my side of the hostel floor is blacked-out. That means only 10 units, not the entire block. I got even more annoyed, as one of us probably tripped the breaker or something. I laid in my hot bed for another 5 minutes before the power came back on and we sighed in relief. From there it was another long road to sleep, and not a good one at that.

What an annoying habit.

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