19 January 2006

Keeping Up With Tradition

Tradition- something that has been done so long we forgot who started it, but we do it anyway.

At least, that's my definition. For Malaysian Chinese, two traditions that stand out during the Chinese New Year period are: the purchase of new clothes, and the wearing of new clothes. And of those two, I follow none.

It is considered tradition for kids to buy new year's clothes during this period. As such, Chinese kids rarely buy any clothes for most of the year and then only start their spree a month from the Big Day. David even has a "new clothes allowance" from his father!

I used to do that too but not anymore. I buy clothes all year round. As long as it looks great and the price is right, out comes my wallet. However, being the good ol' fashioned kid that I am, I still try to get Dad to pay for some of the more expensive clothes :P

The other tradition mentioned is that kids should only start wearing the new clothes during the Chinese New Year period, not before. Needless to say, I don't really care. Before I came back to college, Mum got me a new t-shirt. I wore it the following time we met for lunch, and she seemed a little upset. "Weren't you gonna keep that for the New Year?" she asked.

Last Friday I bought a pair of new jeans (on my Dad's account, of course). I'm gonna try and keep it till Ang Pow Day comes around (since I'm a good ol' fashioned boy), though I think I might just have a little walk around it first :p


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icyfire_peng said...

lol *****!!! cny is not just plain bout CLOTHES!!!! since when y abcome so METRO???
haha...wat about the angpow part???haha n the throwing kam part????
n the lion dances n all???
the family reunion dinner???

bout clothes....gotta admit i buy n wear then buy smore....no big deal!!!!! but u know outta respect 1st 2days gotta put on new clothes???hmmmm does that include new undies???haha!!!!

[Zemien: I deleted my real name from the comment. To all my friends, refer to me by Zemien, thanks!]