05 January 2006

Breaking the Habit Part 3

(This post has no relation to the previous 2 parts)

I could hardly sleep last night. I have an 8am class this morning, so I decided to sleep early in order to get sufficient rest. I put on my eye shades at 11.15pm, but by 12am I was still tossing and turning. Luckless, I put on my MP3 player and listened to it for quite a while, until I felt sleepy.

During the holidays I am used to sleeping around 12.30am. It seems that it has become a habit - a not-so-good one. I'm going to have to break the habit if I'm to wake up fresh. Do you know that something done consistently for 4-6 weeks becomes a habit? I'm gonna force myself to sleep early tonight and reprogram my brain.

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