22 January 2006

24.7 Degrees of Separation

I'm writing this from my PDA up in Genting. It's roughly 24.7 degrees centigrade, so it's not really freezing. The bus arrived exactly on time to pick us up, something that rarely happens.
Though there were only 15 of us, we got the entire Super VIP bus to ourselves. I tried catching 40 winks but it's quite impossible with the morning glare.
At 9.30am, the public lecture started. Conducted by Mr. Searcy, the VP of eGenting R&D, it was extremely informative & showed us how the problems should be approached. We were fairly embarassed when we didn't understand some of the concepts he termed as "basic". It sorta reinforced my theory that our education system lacks depth.
Anyway, we were let off early to have lunch & this time was better because: 1) There was no queue; 2) We weren't thinking of how to solve the problems.
Now I'm in the conference hall for the second part of the public lecture.

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