22 January 2006

I Should Be So Lucky!

Motivators always tell us to think positive and we will attract positive results. I have witnessed this remarkable truth before & it happened again tonight. Since I was told none of us will win, I made the resolve to win the lucky draw. I've never been lucky in lucky draws so I don't know why I even made that aspiration. But wouldn't you know it - I won!
I got a one night stay in First World Hotel & two theme park tickets. Unfortunately it's only valid till mid April so I'm not sure if I can even make it.
It's impossible to prove how I influenced random chance but I know that the most important factor is complete faith & focus. Thankfully I'm religious- and so I have learned to follow blind faith.

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William said...

Regarding "wang choi" (lateral wealth, direct translation la). What's your's is your's.